Family Law

In the event of separation from spouse or partner, we can advise and represent you in relation to any child-care issues (not maintenance) affected by the situation, together with your own financial rights and entitlements.

Most situations are resolved out of court either because matters are relatively amicable but still need to be formalised or because parties recognise that, with impartial advice on both sides as to the law and practice of separation, large amounts of unnecessary stress and expense can be avoided at court and by reaching a compromise reflected in a formal Separation Agreement.

JD Clark & Allan can assist with corresponding and negotiating on your behalf and adjusting the terms of an Agreement for signature by the parties and thereafter assisting with implementation of the Agreement where follow-up work is needed.

In cases where representation at court is unavoidable because an action has already been raised against you or where it is absolutely required to achieve essential objectives, JD Clark & Allan has long experience in providing representation at court and guiding clients through the process.

For clients who are married but where no child-related or financial issues are involved or they have already been resolved, we can assist with processing or assisting you with putting through a divorce.

We can also assist with pre-nuptial or pre-cohabitation Agreements or formal Agreements between spouses or cohabiting couples wishing to safeguard property or financial issues in the event of separation.

It should be noted that JD Clark & Allan do not engage with civil legal aid for these types of case and in the case of the assessment and enforcement of child maintenance or issues affecting state benefits of any kind, these are not areas in which we can offer advice or representation.

We will guide you through the often trying or complicated situations which can arise

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